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The Port Shores was built on the foundation of providing a relaxing spot for your family and friends to gather. As a family owned and operated business, we strive to uphold our home's values of quality time, love, care, and respect. With quality products and customer service, we aim to provide a cozy and pleasant experience. We created a space for you to relax, escape, and enjoy.

The Port Shores: built by family to better serve yours.


Our goal is simpleā€¦

To give you an experience where you feel welcomed into our place. Where you feel the labour of love that has been poured into creating a space that provides you with quality food and coffee. Where you create memories through an experience that has been carefully crafted to inspire feelings of comfort and home. An experience that showcases the beauty of the North, that helps you to sit back and relax, to take in the sights and to remember the slow and moving moments of life that we often forget to relish in.